New Major Update: The Lore Scanner – A Key to Alien Mysteries

We’ve been busy making the game better for you! We wanted to let you know about the big update to Returner 77 we recently added for App Store users and will soon be available on Google Play as well. We also wanted to share what it took to add a major update like this, and why we decided to make this part of the Returner experience.

Returner 77 is so much more than just a puzzle game. Returner 77 builds on its many interesting and unique features and has a lush universe of back-story. It is driven by a strong narrative, and before we even started the production we spent months defining the story behind it. Nothing you see in the game is a coincidence. Elements that look weird or random at first sight tie together in the story of the alien-human war.


Many of our players were asking questions about the aliens – who they were and why did they crystallize the Earth. As you asked, we listened and we came up with an idea to add an extra scanner to the game. The idea behind the scanner was to let you explore the Returner universe, and learn about the history of the conflict with the alien race while you’re wandering around the spaceship and solving puzzles.


In the game, your AI has stored information from the conflict and files from scientists about the aliens, and while you are exploring the alien spaceship it’s pulling information that could be useful for your future missions.


We decided to add several brand-new features to the scanner that will allow players to inspect objects and materials, explore hidden places, discover embedded objects and other items hidden from the naked eye.


Once we had the idea in place, we went on to decide how the scanner will work. Implementing a new UI function can be pretty tricky, and we wanted to have it enhance the experience instead of clutter it.

We decided that the environment scanner will glow when there are alien artifacts nearby. First, you tap the environment scanner to highlight alien artifacts. Then, tap the artifacts identified by the scanner to learn about them.


How it works

When the scanner is used by the player, yellow diamonds are displayed and create a mesh through the room you’re in. The color represents the location of elements belonging to the element groups indicated below.

Scanning rock formations, crystals, and engravings on the walls can reveal secondary resources, which can then be inspected.

What Sort of Items can I Scan?:

Large crystal: Birth crystal, enabler crystals, enforcer crystal (beam emitting crystal

Master and demon statues.

Alien tech (pillars with tiles, wall consoles, lenses, etc), Portals, Fluorite box, God statue,  crystal formation… and many more!


Let us know if you used the lore scanner and share your thoughts about the update. We are always eager to hear what you think about our game and we take feedback seriously. Who knows – your next suggestion could end up in the next Fantastic, yes game!

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