Returner 77 Launches Exclusively on App Store

The space mystery puzzle Returner 77, made by the Danish game studio Fantastic, yes is now live on App Store.

The game has already been described as a “visually impressive Sci-Fi puzzler” by TouchArcade, and the game’s environmental ambiance and the music were exclusively picked to be performed at Copenhagen Art Week earlier this autumn.

Players can expect an epic story, addictive puzzles, astonishing visuals, and rich dynamic audio.

Returner 77 takes place in a giant alien spaceship in the near future. Humanity is on the brink of extinction, and the player is one of the last survivors. To save humanity, the player must make their way down to Earth, by solving compelling puzzles throughout the alien environment.


“The puzzles in Returner 77 are familiar and alien at the same time, and this is a fantastic thing. Solving them was rewarding and exciting, and I felt like I had tackled and beat something hard.”
Adam, gameplay tester

Returner 77 is now available for $4.99 USD on App Store for iPhone and iPad.

Install now:


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