Returner 77 Press Kit


Fantastic, Yes!
Based in Copenhagen, Denmark

Release date:
October, 2017



Returner 77 – A Space Mystery Puzzle

About the Game

Returner 77 is a 3D cinematic puzzler game. Driven by a strong narrative and set in a visually stunning universe, we are creating something entirely new. Something that will push the boundaries of mobile gaming experiences. Returner 77 is the first game by new studio Fantastic, yes.

What if you were the only one?

One of last of 77 chosen survivors, you left Earth just before the war ended. Your task was clear: return when the Earth is liveable again and rebuild mankind. But why is your space pod docked to the alien mothership? As you wander the alien mothership, deserted and unfamiliar, you find video messages left behind by a young Colonel – your only link to a human race which might die out with you. But can you trust her? To get back to Earth you have little choice, you must follow her trail, step by step, as her messages become increasingly desperate. Is she still alive? There’s only one way forward, but whatever’s stalking her, might be stalking you too…

GamePlay: Returner 77 brings rarely seen before console-quality 3D graphics to mobile devices. The game is a single player puzzle game where you find missing pieces to activate alien technology, unlock mysteries of an abandoned ship and try to reach your fellow Returner to make your way back home.

Previous Press Releases

Returner 77 One Pager Info

Previous Press Releases

Returner 77 Press Release


Returner 77 Official Trailer

Returner 77 Official Trailer

Returner 77 Environment Showcase



Returner 77 Logo Dark

Returner 77 Logo Dark

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Selected Articles

“Returner 77 certainly promises to deliver one of the most eye-popping iOS game experiences…”  – Cult of Mac

“You’d be hard-pressed to find something more visually impressive on the platform” – Appunwrapper

“Returner 77 is a striking graphic adventure game that shouldn’t be missed” – Android Police

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