Returner Zhero Press Kit


Fantastic, Yes!
Copenhagen, Denmark and Bangkok, Thailand

Release date:
September 6th, 2018 – App Store

March 11th, 2019 – Google Play

App Store

Google Play


Returner Zhero – Final Cut

There is One Last Chance to Save Everything

Returner Zhero is a standalone story set within the universe we first welcomed players into with Returner 77. The stories are connected but each experience is unique and wonderful in its own right.

Returner Zhero is a space mystery puzzle game. Explore a story of friendship and sacrifice as you take on the role of the scientist who risked everything to learn more about the aliens that brought humanity to the brink of extinction.

Lose yourself in a captivating, tactile 3D world that will take you on a cinematic journey set aboard a fantastic alien spaceship. Challenge your brain with intriguing puzzles and alien technology as you discover the epic story of Returner Zhero.

Gameplay: Single player, exploration-based with hidden objects and tactile puzzles. Tap, swipe, and scan to find your way through the ship and activate the forgotten alien technology. The environment and soundscapes of the game are meant to immerse you in a wildly imagined crystal world.




Returner Zhero Logo Dark

Returner Zhero Logo Light

Download the Full Returner Zhero Press Kit as a .ZIP file

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