Luna Strange Press Kit


Fantastic, Yes!
Copenhagen, Denmark

Release date:
May 14th, 2019

App Store


Luna Strange is the first episode of an intriguing cinematic puzzle game driven by a magic narrative that will unfold in future releases. Focused on high production value a cutting edge audio-visual experience is pushing the limits of what free mobile games can look like – and even without disturbing ads. If you found the magic skip tokens and you will be able to skip puzzles.



 You are Luna Strange. A young female wizard empowered by ancient, cosmic magic. You live a normal life – but sometimes you will be called upon to help with a magical issue, today is one of those days. You must take on the quest of solving the mystery of a friend’s disappearance.


An apartment has been locked up in a magic mess and the tenant has disappeared in there. For what reason is unclear… your job is to solve the challenges and magic tricks that lock up the apartment and free the poor soul that is trapped in there. Your first mission is to get the magical book that has been locked away with magic spells.



  • Stunning 3D graphics with high level of details
  • Challenging puzzles with a skip token system
  • Beautiful design with fresh and intuitive navigation
  • Immersive sound
  • Wide range of puzzles and challenges to solve
  • Engaging, magical story
  • Easy to learn, addictive gameplay
  • Premium experience – without disturbing ads



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