Fantastic, Yes Press Kit


Fantastic, Yes!
Based in Copenhagen, Denmark

October, 2016


A Space Suit in Copenhagen

About Fantastic, Yes

We’re a cinematic mobile gaming studio, bringing incredible story-driven 3D puzzlers to life. Our chemistry is the creative spark that drives us, and our ambitions are sky high, so we might as well come out and say it – we’re going to show you mobile games like you’ve never seen before.

we create universes. what do you do?

Founded in 2016 by brothers Simon Fellah and David Fellah, the ambitious studio released their first game in October 2017. The company received investment and partners with M2 Entertainment, and has begun working with them closely in development of future games. The studio is based downtown Copenhagen, Denmark and combines the growth attitude of a startup with the creative flair of a traditional game studio.

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Previous Press Releases

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Selected Articles

“Fantastic, yes receives 1M EUR investment from M2 Entertainment”   –

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