Returner 77 is an intriguing 3D sci-fi puzzle game
When we realised defeat was inevitable we sent you away - now, you’re mankind’s last hope. Can you save us?
"It's among the best and most surprising new games we've encountered in recent months"
- Apple Editorial Team
You wake up inside of an alien spaceship, with no memory of what happened or how you got there. With help from Colonel Ling, you find that you are one of only two survivors from 77 people who were sent into space to be spared from a devastating war on planet Earth. You were given one mission - to return when the planet is livable again, and rebuild the human race.
As you start to explore the spaceship, the adventure begins. On your journey, video messages left behind by Colonel Ling will guide you… revealing clues about your surroundings, and the story of the other 75 Returners. These messages are just the beginning of a mysterious and epic journey to save mankind.
About the game
Returner 77 is a 3D cinematic puzzler game. Driven by a strong narrative and set in a visually stunning universe, we are creating something entirely new. Something that will push the boundaries of mobile gaming experiences.

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