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Unity Workflows – The Variable Asset

A Unity workflow I see mentioned every now and then, and one that I have grown accustomed to recently, both in personal projects, and during the daily business at Fantastic, yes, is the Variable Asset. The variable asset is essentially just a ScriptableObject that holds

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Crystals, Light and Power: An In-depth Dive into the Returner Universe Art Style and Inspiration

Our game mantra: experience - narrative - gameplay Creating a sci-fi universe is a monumental amount of work involving careful iterations and a lot of imagination. The Fantastic, yes team has spent over a year dedicated to the Returner universe. Now that we’re so close

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New Major Update: The Lore Scanner – A Key to Alien Mysteries

We’ve been busy making the game better for you! We wanted to let you know about the big update to Returner 77 we recently added for App Store users and will soon be available on Google Play as well. We also wanted to share what

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Larger-Than-Life Live Action: Character Design in a Mobile Game

The Making of  Colonel Ling: Creating a Live Action Character   How do you make a character that drives the entire narrative of a game? What goes into the personality, design and execution? Character design is always a difficult process in game creation, making a

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Scripting version control actions in the Unity Editor

With every new title we are working on, we strive to improve the way we work and optimize our development processes. Recently, while working on the upcoming title, Returner Zhero, we had the pleasure of working with Framebunker team, who helped us to identify some

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Madness and Crystals: The Creative Process Behind Returner 77

“I was told I was mad for wanting to create a crystal environment on a mobile platform”   Simon Fellah is the creative director and co-founder of Fantastic, yes. When he started out with the project, he was constantly told he was mad when he

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sound designer Niels Bottcher

How Do you Create the Sound of Loneliness with a Refrigerator?

The sound of Returner 77 is a crucial element in the storytelling of the game, and we decided early on that we would put an emphasis on creating feeling and narrative through the music and sound of the game - a huge feat on mobile

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Fantastic, yes Announces Breathtaking
Visual Mobile Game!

The Danish game studio Fantastic, yes releases their first game, Returner 77, later this week. Returner 77 is a visually stunning sci-fi puzzler - which is clearly demonstrated in its beautiful design and breathtaking graphics, mixed with mysterious puzzles. Everything served on an alien spaceship

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