Mobile Game YouTubers
Every iPhone Gamer Should Know

While traditional gamers have multiple gamers to help them choose and preview awesome games, iPhone gamers don’t have nearly as many YouTube heroes to turn to. Curious as to what source should you go to for mobile games reviews? Or maybe you’re looking for a YouTuber who goes into depth, plays through and recommends newly released games?

We put together a list of YouTubers that we personally like, and can wholeheartedly recommend, whether you’re looking for inspiration or just have some time to kill.



Lonnie Randall, known on YouTube as Lonniedos knows exactly how to entertain viewers while showcasing different iPhone games. He reviews from the hottest hits to the oddest titles.

Why do we love Lonniedos? He has a truly entertaining, and what looks like improvised gaming style. Lonnie posts whenever he can it instead of sticking to a schedule and makes his videos feel short and to the point. He usually plays new games that come out, so you can tell if you want to download it yourself or not. Lonniedos says whatever comes to his mind while playing, and with new videos, you can’t help but laugh and smile through every viewing. Even though he’s probably not to everyone’s taste, you should give him a try.



Looking for a quick overview of mobile games? This Danish Youtuber will be the best choice. Not only does he make insightful commentaries, but he is also a master of finding great alternative games you would never stumble upon in iTunes.

NimbleThor videos are a mix between a review and just a let’s play. And if you’re interested in gaming industry he is a great source of information about e.g. the monetization, core gameplay, graphics etc. Watch his videos if you want to learn something while being entertained.



If you prefer your iPhone games to be a little more strategically laid out, Phonecats is the Youtuber you’ll want to remember. Chris, the channel’s host, checks out new games, plays through, and revisits a lot of them as a way of letting you see how his experience changes over time. Currently, he plays games like Clash Royale and does live stream videos on Twitch every day.


Those guys make great rankings of different game types and show the best games of all time and the worst titles ever released on various gaming platforms. Their halfway through the year list of the best iOS releases itself is worth gold.

Why should you follow Whatoplay? Because they showcase the most anticipated games that are set for release in the coming months and next year based on their a unique PlayScore system that made of game and critic reviews.



Is a great source for gaming news, reviews, and feature content. Featuring Jake Baldino, Falcon, Andrew “The New Guy” Gebbia, and Tom “cameraman” Johnson are a great source of inspiration if you’re looking for a new game to download. Each month they present a compilation of some of the best mobile games money can buy.



Appspy offers up video reviews, early hands-on looks at upcoming games, and videos with a straightforward rating approach.

They are a perfect example of what a YouTube channel can look like when it is backed by a company: great quality videos, entertaining, polished, and informative. PLUS that British accent makes everything sound fancy.


And yes, we are aware that we haven’t mentioned all the YouTubers worth remembering, so stay tuned for Part 2! 🙂