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Fascinating story of Colonel Ling revealed

Ling grew up in the suburbs of Beijing. Daughter of two academics with blazing careers. At her 10th birthday, she was convinced that the

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How We Created AAA
— For Mobiles.

Exclusive Q&A with Creative Director and Co-Founder Simon Fellah who was told he was mad when he wanted to create a crystal AAA environment

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Alone-in-Space Advent Calendar

This year, we’re not only celebrating the holidays, but also the release of our first game Returner 77. That's why we prepared an engaging

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Exclusive Q&A with Our
Sound Designer – Niels Bøttcher

Have you ever wondered what it takes to create outstanding audio for a mobile game? Niels shares his experience working on Returner 77 and

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Fantastic, yes Announces Breathtaking
Visual Mobile Game!

The Danish game studio Fantastic, yes releases their first game, Returner 77, later this week. Returner 77 is a visually stunning sci-fi puzzler -

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Mobile Game YouTubers
Every iPhone Gamer Should Know

While traditional gamers have multiple gamers to help them choose and preview awesome games, iPhone gamers don't have nearly as many YouTube heroes to

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10 premium games we’re currently playing

We’re currently wrapping up our game, and even though it is hard work, we make a point out of taking time off to clear

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